Treatments to keep your Hot Tub or Spa in tip top condition

AS pH Plus 1kg

AquaSPArkle PH+

AquaSPArkle PH+ assists in maintaining the correct water balance.



AquaSPArkle TA+

TA+ is used to correct and maintain the Alkalinity levels in your Hot Tub or Spa.


AS Rapid Shock 500g

AquaSPArkle Rapid Shock

Eliminates bather wastes and contaminates. Supplied with a 10ml measuring scoop.


AS Non Chlorine Shock 1kg

AquaSPArkle Non Chlorine Shock

Chlorine free shock granules for regular oxidisation of hot tub.


AS Instant Filter Cleaner 500ml

AquaSPArkle Instant Filter Cleaner

Used as part of the regular cleaning routine of the spa/hot tub cartridge filters.


AS Cartridge Cleaner 1ltr

AquaSPArkle Cartridge Cleaner

AquaSParkle Spa Cartridge is used to remove oils and greases from hot tub cartridge elements.


AS FoamAway 1ltr

AquaSparkle FoamAway

Specially formulated product to prevent foaming.


AS Surface Cleaner 1ltr

AquaSParkle Surface Cleaner

Surface cleaner to avoid oils and greases around the waterline.


AS ScaleAway 1ltr

AquaSPArkle ScaleAway

Controls and removes scale and stains in your hot tub.


AS Hot Tub Flush 500ml

AquaSParkle Hot tub Flush

This product removes the build up of soap and oil deposits in spa plumbing.


AS Spa Sparkle 1ltr

AquaSParkle Spa Sparkle

Water polisher for adding lustre and clarity to spa water.


AS Hot Tub Conditioner 80ml

AquaSParkle Hot tub conditioner

Sachet of conditioner for hot tubs.


AS Spa Immerse 100g

AquaSParkle Cartridge Cleaner

2 x Sachet to clean cartridge filters.


AS Complete Kit Bromine

AquaSParkle Complete Bromine spa water care kit

A complete spa water care kit for bromine users.


as 4 way test strips

AquasParkle 4 -Way test strips

Test strips for total bromine, free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity


Spa Frog Chlorine Cartridge

SPA FROG Bromine Cartridge

Cartridge dispenser.


Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge

SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge

Cartridge for mineral dispersal.


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pH Plus 5kg

pH+ for increasing the pH of pool, spa and hot tub water


Aqua Sparkle Spa Fusion Oxidiser 35g 2012

Aqua sparkle spa fusion Oxidiser

sachet of fast acting water recovery


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Treatments to keep your Hot Tub or Spa in tip top condition

AS Group Shot