Swim Spas

olympia swim spa

The Olympia Swim Spa

Swim spa over fifteen and a half feet long for a serious water workout.


luxury swim spa

The Luxury Swim Spa

A dual purpose spa for swim workout and seating for 6 people


qx4 swim spa

The QX4 Swim Spa

A spacious swim spa that enables your family to exercise or relax simultaneously.


indulgence swim spa

The Indulgence Swim Spa

Top of the range swim spa with innovative River Jet swim system.


party pool swim spa

Party Pool Swim Spa

A spa to swim and party in. A complete home fitness system and hot tub in one.


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Swim Spas are the future. Swim spas enable you to exercise at any time, any day and get that all important cardiovascular workout in your own home. Unlike swimming pools, swim spas can be quickly installed. In addition you can relax at the end of your workout with a quality massage.

What are you waiting for? Choose from our new Swim Spa range and be part of the future.